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“Bollywood Steps aims to be a platform for spreading cultural awareness and bringing to you the multifaceted ​style of Bollywood dancing in San Diego”

About Sbollywood Steps

Bollywood Dancing is a fusion of various dance styles encompassing western and eastern dance elements.

​It is a melting pot of Indian dances like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchupudi, Odissi, Folk, western dances like Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet and various fitness dances like Zumba. This dance style teaches you self expression, discipline, grace and most of all makes you more flexible.

​Bollywood dancing is gaining more attention day by day throughout the world. Miss America 2014 Nina Davulluri performed a bollywood dance for her talent show. Bollywood has a great following now than ever.

Bollywood Steps offer fun and friendly bollywood classes for all ages and levels. It is a great place to learn, have fun, develop confidence and stay in touch with the Indian culture.

Bollywood Steps offers a great opportunity for the kids to showcase their talent and express themselves by performing at cultural events throughout San Diego!

Good performance is the capacity to focus and concentrate

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