About Me

Payal was fascinated by dancing since the age of 4. Her first dance performance was at 5yrs. Payal studied folk and learnt Bharatanatyam while growing up. Payal thinks dancing is medium to express herself and has taught her discipline, grace and above all has helped her stay connected to her culture. Her passion is to spread the same to others.

Payal performed/choreographed more than 50 shows on stage and TV.
She has had the honor to be a part of Sanjay and Leela Bhansali’s dance group “Varnam” in 90’s and given performances.
She was choosen to perform in Russia in the festival of India in 1987.
She has trained with Ila Arun to learn Rajasthani folk dances.
qualified to compete at state level for gymnastics in school days.
She was the VP of Indian Cultural group in Drexel University and choreographed Bollywood dance shows.
In San Diego, she has choreographed dance shows for kids at cultural events and parties.
As a licensed Zumba instructor and created a fitness fusion of Bollywood and Zumba.

My thoughts

I am a scientist by profession and dance has always been a part of me. There has not been a single moment that I have not danced in my heart or mind when there was any kind of music playing. That is what led me to starting this dancerpreneurship. I see Bollywood Steps as a place to learn a little bit about our culture with a touch of fun and grace. I aim to bring the joy I experience while dancing in everyone else. I don’t see my clients as students but an extension of me. I hope you enjoy each and every moment you spend with us.

About SDbollywood steps

RT C. 


Bollywood steps is really the best place to learn dance for yourself and kids. I know Payal for a while. she is very friendly,loveable, passionate and loyal person. I surely recommend everyone to this place. A+++


Payal is a great teacher and a wonderful, elegant dancer herself. She handles the little kids very well and makes them feel comfortable.
Wish she had some location closer to the coast. 

Myra G


Payal is an awesome teacher and knows exemplary techniques of Bollywood dancing. I love how much fun her classes are. Bollywood steps is a great way to get exposure to this dance form and do some performances. Payal also gave me individual assistance because I was struggling to catch up. So, even if you are a beginner, you wont be left out.If I HAD to give a suggestion, then I would just say,open more locations!
Thumbs Up for Bollywood steps!

Nisha D


It was so wonderful bringing back my childhood, after mostly dancing only at weddings I was hesitant, but Payal is a patient and fun teacher to learn from. The thing that made her stand apart was her positive and the go-getter attitude. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


Bollywood steps and Payal are awesome.. She is so passionate about dance and it shows when u meet her.. She makes dance so much fun and easy that even a non dancer like me, can pick up the choreography… She pays special attention to all and patiently shows the steps, no matter how many times you need it. The best part about her is that she becomes your friend from day one… Great job Payal, keep it up!

Ava V. 


I absolutely enjoy dancing with Bollywood Steps. Considering how i have never, ever danced in public before, Bollywood Steps gave me the opportunity to dance for two events already. Dare I say we had fun while practicing for the melodies…I have gained confidence and new friends. I hope to continue to enjoy the time i spend doing some Bollywood Step-ing…

Anuja J.


I had such an amazing time learning bollywood dancing at bollywood steps . it was a fun and interesting experience with an enthusiastic batch of people . Our instructor Payal was amazing !!!. Loved her teaching style . So looking forward to joining their bollywood fitness class batch in Jan .