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Liability Waiver Form – Bollywood Steps

I am aware that during the dance activites that my child participates in, certain risks may occur,

including , but not limited to, falling or slipping to the floor, running into other participants and

activites that may result in various injuries.  In recognition of these risks, I hereby agree not to

hold Bollywood Steps Dance Studio or their teachers, or Employees liable for any injuries that

may occur during participation of said activies.  I hereby give my consent of my son/ daughter to

participate in the above activity.  I hereby stated that minor is physically able to participate.

Bollywood Steps – Policy

Tuition- The fee for 4/5classes per month, one class per week is due 1st class of the month Tuition payments for the students paying monthly will be due on the first lesson of every month. A 10% late fee will occur if your tuition payment is over 10 days late.  Statements will only be sent to you if your payment is past due.  Students with a past due tuition balance after 30 days will be dismissed from class. Tuition will be $75 for a 5 week month or $45 for a 3 week month, regardless of absences. Refunds will not be granted if the student is absent. If you agree to participate in a performance, there might be extra classes for training which will be charged at the same rate as monthly rate. Costumes rented from Bollywood Steps will be charges unless mentioned otherwise. Dropping a Class- If for any reason a student is dropping the class please inform 2 weeks earlier incase we are preparing for a performance. Parents are not allowed inside the dance studio while the dance lesson is going on. After each song is choreographed the parents will be invited to watch their kids perform at the studio Parents are responsible for any damage done by their children. Management is not responsible for misplaced, lost or stolen personal items Images or video taken of your child during class times and rehearsal may or may not be used as promotional material and will be Bollywood Steps assets until the company exist.